Adopted in 1995, the Law on Concessions leaves room for improvement.  In addition to being vague in a number of important areas, the law appears to be discriminatory against domestic investors, its scope and sectors and they remain unclear. The selection procedure prescribed in the law is not detailed, e.g., there is no reference to pre-selection procedures and publication of concession awards. Furthermore, the provisions regulating disputes favour domestic courts.


Production sharing agreement is viewed as a form of a PPP by Uzbek law and is governed by the law on Production Sharing Agreements (PSA), which states that PPPs in this form can be awarded only in oil and gas and mining sectors. Several large-scale projects in the form of production sharing agreements have been launched and are on-going in Uzbekistan.

Although there is no national policy framework or program promoting PPPs in Uzbekistan, a policy framework for improving the legal environment and promoting PPPs in the public utility services sector exists in the form of a resolution.   As a matter of practice, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan authorizes one of the existing public authorities to act as a Contracting Authority in a PPP project on an ad hoc basis.

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