With more than two decades experience of implementing PPPs, The UK has created a framework based largely on guidance rather specific legislation. The PPP market in the UK is mature and there are no specific legal issues that arise in current projects. PPPs have been an important procurement tool in the UK across all sectors. PPP projects in the UK are developed and promoted by individual public sector bodies or government departments. There is no general public sector PPP promotion body; however there are a number of central government departments and agencies that provide PPP policy and advice, both generally and for specific sectors. Partnerships between the private and public sectors were initiated by HM Treasury. Whilst not responsible for any specific sector of PPP projects, HM Treasury publishes policy and guidance that covers PPP projects across all sectors.

There is no specific PPP law or concession law in the UK apoteketgenerisk.com. However, as stated above, guidance published by HM Treasury and other public sector bodies is mandatory for projects in certain sectors or in respect of specific risks. There are no legal restrictions in the UK on ownership of capital in project companies. Each project agreement sets out certain restrictions on the transfer of shares and ultimate ownership of the project company

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