Over the last decade, Uganda has started to use PPPs as a means of implementation of several projects and as a viable alternative to public funding in public infrastructure and services provision. Today, the government continues to look to the private sector for capital and skill in the implementation of crucial infrastructure projects.

Despite the growing popularity of PPPs in Africa, Uganda currently lacks a formative regulatory framework specifically governing PPP arrangements. These arrangements have been and continue to be purely contractual in nature with guidance being drawn from the 2010 National PPP Framework policy.

The Public Private Partnerships Bill, 2012 (the Bill) is executed to provide the necessary legal framework and institutional structures to regulate and streamline the development and implementation of PPPs in Uganda. The Bill is fairly ambitious and has a wide application. In its objectives it seeks to provide for the functions of the various players in the PPP processes and to regulate the procurement, implementation, maintenance, operation, management and monitoring of PPPs from project inception to conclusion.

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