Tajikistan’s semial PPP law was introduced in 2012, with technical assistance from the IFC. It enables a range of PPP models to take place in the transportation, electricity and water sectors, among others. Procuring authorities can be central or local government bodies. Their activities related to project development and procurement are overseen by a cross ministerial PPP Council and the State Committee for Investment and State Property Management of Tajikistan (SCISPM, described as the authorized government body for PPPs). In practice, project evaluation work is conducted by international consultants. The government authorities and oversight organizations are still in process of building capacity, and are not yet equipped to provide strong checks.

Tajikistan’s nascent PPP programme has a reasonably strong PPP law as a foundation, and international agencies are providing capacity building support.

Additionally, Tajikistan’s economic fundamentals are fragile, and domestic sources of long term infrastructure funding are non-existent. PPP finance is expected to come from international development agencies.

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