Having a strong PPP regulation structure, Peru is capable of delivering any kind of productive and social infrastructure, including transport, energy, telecommunications, sanitation, infrastructure, social, prisons, housing and tourism projects. While a public works concession law has been in place since 1996, the passage of the Regional and Local Public Investment with Private Participation Law in 2008 enforced Peru’s regulatory framework for PPPs. The regulation of PPPs and decentralised concessions applies to all three levels of government in Peru, in all sectors, and requires the same procedure.

The government of Peru is committed to the promotion of PPP projects in several sectors of the economy and across different levels of government. Legislative efforts have been made to expand the concept of PPP and to develop PPPs on the basis of more than one public investment project, by expanding the role of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. Since the publication of the law, PPP processes cannot be made without budget availability attesting to the existence of resources in the public entity and a national register of PPP contracts has been created, which is run by the MEF.

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