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The Netherlands was one of the first European countries to explore the benefits of PPP. However, after a promising start the Dutch PPP market did not really live up to the expectations. In recent years, however, the Dutch PPP market has been gradually picking up as a result of both the financial crisis, which has resulted in the Dutch government bringing forward the procurement of a large number of works that are now being considered suitable for PPP as well as the acceptance by many that privately funded projects are beneficial to both public as well as private market parties. In the Netherlands, there is no legislation that deals with PPP specifically. However, under the current legislation PPP projects are allowed in principle. Depending on the sector involved (e.g. infrastructure, construction, culture, education, health care, social infrastructure, defence, waste removal or development) multiple laws and regulations on a national, provincial and communal level can apply. Public awareness of the desirability of PPP projects has very much increased over the past years. Since the end of the 1990s, enthusiasm for PPP has been developing gradually in the Netherlands. PPP is now viewed by the Dutch government and market participants as being a tool to enable the government to implement projects faster and more efficiently when compared with purely public ventures.

Whilst developing its strategy in relation to PPP, the Dutch government has mainly focused on the lessons learned in the UK PPP market. Based on these experiences, the Dutch Government developed a three-way strategy in order to maximise the benefits of PPP in the Dutch market.

Over the years PPP in the Netherlands has gained widespread support in both in the public and private sectors. There is an increasing number of PPP projects in the pipeline in the Netherlands.

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