Mexico’s Law of Public-Private Partnerships, enacted in 2012, provided a strong, enabling framework for PPPs at all levels of government and improved upon federal and state-level legislation that had been presented piece by piece over the course of the previous decade. The new law facilitated for PPPs in new sectors such as national security and allowed for unsolicited proposals from the private sector, which has helped to increase activity.

The new legislation made the PPP selection stronger and decision making process, established equal rights for local or foreign firms and mandates a bidding processes with ample public notification. The legislation regulates PPP projects undertaken at the federal level and is mandatory at the state level when the federal government provides financing for more than half of the project. There is no specific body at the ministerial level that establishes policies or oversees the entire system; rather, each sector and level of government is responsible for planning, implementing and supervising projects. Sub-national PPP activity is much more active in Mexico than in other countries in the region.

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