Macedonia’s overall performance in PPP implementation was ranked high in 2012. The country adopted a set of concession, PPP, sectorial and public procurement laws for PPPs at both the national and local levels, which are in alignment with EU directives on public procurement. The PPP Unit located in the Department for Legal affairs, receives policy development support from the Ministry of Economy and assistance for advisory and promotion tasks from the Council on PPPs. However, familiarity with technical and practical aspects of PPPs remains low in government agencies and experience in risk management is limited.

Successful PPPs have been carried out in the power and transport sectors and the country has allowed private sector participation in the form of concessions, divestitures and greenfield projects in several sectors. The two international airports “Alexander the Great” in Skopje and “St. Paul the Apostle” in Ohrid are examples of PPP projects within the country.

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