Since 1994, Jordan has achieved financial closure on several projects across a number of sectors, including electricity, telecoms, transportation, water/waste water, and telecoms. A Privatization Law was subsequently passed in 2000, which also led to the establishment of the Executive Privatization Commission (EPC, which assumed the role of the EPU). In 2013 the government recognized PPPs as an important tool for developing and delivering public infrastructure services. To deliver on its PPP vision, a PPP Unit was established within the Ministry of Finance to serve as the coordinating body for PPPs in 2013, replacing the EPC (with several EPC staff transferring to the new PPP Unit). The PPP Law was ratified in 2014, providing the legal framework for GoJ’s new PPP program and formalizing the role of the PPP Unit. PPP Regulations to further clarify the PPP project cycle have subsequently been drafted and are awaiting publication in the official gazette.

The PPP Unit has worked with ministries to develop a long-list PPP project pipeline and technical studies have begun on several high priority projects, including the Red Sea desalination project and a bus rapid transit project between Amman and Zarqa.”

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