Hungary has no specific PPP law. Although legislation has been amended to facilitate the implementation of PPPs in Hungary and PPP activity has occurred in many sectors, the concept of PPP remains a commercial concept rather than a defined legal term. The legal framework for PPPs in Hungary consists of general PPP law and laws that are specific to individual PPP projects. The general law includes the Public Procurement Act and the Public Finance Act, while specific legislation has been enacted for the Budapest Sports Hall and for the motorway projects. Hungary’s PPP Committee has the task of coordinating PPP projects organised by different ministries. In addition there are PPP units within various ministries. This suggests that the Hungarian government is taking the implementation of PPPs seriously and that there will be continued use of PPPs in Hungary.

The Hungarian government has set up an intra-governmental committee to coordinate the PPP projects organized by different ministries (the “PPP Committee”). Government Resolution No. 2028/2007 (II 28) provides guidance as to the role of the PPP Committee and its obligations for proposed PPP projects. The PPP Committee prepares enabling legislation, comments on and assesses planned PPP projects, monitors the progress of PPP projects throughout their lifetime and evaluates such projects once completed. PPP units also exist within some ministries, including the Ministry of Economy and Transport (which has its own department of property management); the Ministry of Finance (which has a PPP working group) and the National Sports Office (which has a PPP project office). This indicates the government’s recognition of the importance of continued use of PPPs in Hungary.

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