There is no specific PPP law that encompasses all legal requirements relating to PPP projects. There is, however, a specific law on PPP concessions for tolled bridges, tunnels, road sections or mountain passes in the Federal trunk roads network, the Federal Private Road Financing Act of 1994 (Fernstraßenbauprivatfinanzierungsgesetz), which regulates the imposition of tolls for roads infrastructure. The German government has taken a positive approach to PPPs and implemented the PPP Acceleration Act on 8 September 2005; this amended many laws relating to PPP. The PPP Acceleration Act partly transposed Directive 2004/18/EC on procurement law into German national law. The aim of this Act was to remove obstacles and barriers to PPP identified by the government in a Federal Report on PPP.

The German government has given strong support to PPP as have numerous PPP promotion bodies. The coalition agreement between the political parties of the federal government dated 26 October 2009 expressly mentions that the government will promote PPP.


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