The Republic of Fiji Islands considers PPPs to have a crucial role in supporting continued economic and social development in the region and meeting the structural challenges of globalization and climate change. In order to improve the delivery of public infrastructure and services and assist in the aim of achieving better value for money spent by the government, the government introduced the PPP Act in 2006. The PPP Act has been criticized for lacking transparent decision criteria for awarding tenders and includes provisions, such as the requirement to establish a PPP controlling company to oversee any cooperative venture, which are viewed as burdensome.   Further key principles of the law include encouraging municipalities to pursue PPPs and enabling fair competition for the participation in PPPs.


The government’s policy framework emphasizes public awareness and stakeholder consultation. It encourages PPPs in virtually any sector and allows any type of contractual arrangements. Unsolicited proposals are allowed under certain conditions. A permanent inter-governmental committee formulates and revises the implementing regulations.

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