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PPP Standards aims to provide new information on PPPs all around the world and help its users to access existing information on a single platform through Document Library.

Document library

The document library is an up to date collection of information, from some of the most credible sources including ministries, lawyers, government websites and multilateral agencies. With documents and links from over 120+ countries, we have one of the most comprehensive PPP library anywhere in the world. The website also provides links to diverse sources of information, so that our users may access the information in real time.

Selection criteria

We monitor a wide range of publication sources weekly, including PPP Units, Government Ministries and International Organisations. Documents are carefully selected by our researchers to ensure that they are relevant to our topic area, demonstrate good practice, significant insight and represent a range of perspectives. Only the most credible policy-relevant documents, and case studies are included.

Help us build a bigger library

To recommend new publications and documents to be considered for inclusion in our library, please email us at Supply a link to the full text online if possible so that we can review the document and link to it. Alternatively, if you are the copyright holder you can send us an electronic copy of the document if you would like us to review it and possibly host it on our website.

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Some files that you can download from this web site require special software to view them. In most cases you are likely to have this software or equivalent on your computer already. However, if you do not already have the necessary software, viewers for the following types of files are available from the sites listed below.

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