Croatia adopted the Act on Private Public Partnership in October 2008 (the “PPP Act”). In 2009, the government adopted a set of regulations implementing provisions of the PPP Act, which provide a solid legislative basis for establishing and carrying out PPP projects. The PPP Agency has been established in order to promote PPP projects, as well as to monitor the whole PPP procedure. It is mandated to assess and approve PPP projects, as well as supervise projects already concluded with public partners.

Public procurement procedures are controlled by the Croatian State Commission for Control of Public Procurement Procedures. Its mandate is also to provide legal protection in such procedures. And the legal protection rules of the PPP Act refer to the relevant provisions of the Public Procurement Act.

Both the PPP Act and the Concession Act refer to the Public Procurement Act in respect of challenging decisions and other legal actions.

There is no large portfolio of closed PPP deals in Croatia. Most PPP projects are at a local/regional level. It is to say, there is no new PPP project which has taken place since the recently passed PPP Act. However, PPP projects which closed earlier have proved to be rather successful.

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