In Chile PPPs has been utilized in infrastructure and there is a powerful regulatory framework in place for PPPs. The 2014 EIU Infrascope on Latin America and Caribbean has Chile leading the region in PPP-readiness and capacity. Chile updated their PPP law in 2010 and has a well-structured investment evaluation system that includes PPPs. Unlike other countries in the region, Chile’s PPP activity is largely focused on the national level, with little sub-national activity.

The electricity industry has its own legal framework for granting uncertain concessions, and today the huge majority of the electricity generation industry is in private-sector hands. In the water and sanitation sector, responsibility for water provision and disposal and treatment has been divided to regional companies. Legislation regulating the water and sanitary sector was passed in 1997, allowing the government to privatize services or lease facilities to regional corporations and, since 2000, almost 99% of the services in urban areas have been transferred to the private sector.

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