In order to accelerate infrastructure development, The Government of Burkina Faso has undertaken a series of institutional and legislative reforms recently. As part of its 2011-15 strategy “Stratégie de croissance accélérée et de développement durable” or SCADD, the government aims to improve transport and communication infrastructure, as well as diversify and increase its electricity production capacity.

The successful implementation of SCADD requires the government to develop sufficient capacities to fulfil the needs. To support this process, in 2013, the government promulgated the PPP Act. The law establishes a legal framework for PPPs by outlining conditions for entry into such partnerships and requirements governing the selection of private partners by public authorities. The government also adopted a law on governing the framework law on investment in Burkina Faso (Law No 023-2013/AN), which lists PPPs as a guiding principle of investment policies. It also includes the identification of priority sectors and projects to be implemented as PPPs. As of 2015, Burkina Faso has implemented one PPP in the energy sector and there has been private investment in the telecom sector.

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