Botswana is the world’s largest diamond producer and its trade has transformed it into a middle-income nation. In 2009, the MOF passed a PPP Policy and implementation framework. The policy is based on the 2002/2003 National Development Plan 9, when the Government of Botswana announced that PPPs would be used extensively as a form of procuring and financing infrastructure projects in the public sector with the goal of ensuring sustainable investment in infrastructure and building powerful public finances.

However, in 2015 PPP activity in Botswana was rather limited. The country signed one power IPP, with Karoo Sustainable Energy for the 90 megawatt Orapa emergency power plant. There have been other attempts such as building a new science and technology university through a PPP.

Currently, the draft legislation is under review and a new committee has been set up to complete the implementation of the enabling environment for PPP framework. Also, a PPP Unit has been established in the Ministry of Finance but has not yet been staffed due to funding limitations.

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