Regulation of PPPs in Bangladesh has flourished since the introduction of the 2010 Policy and Strategy for PPPs, and the creation of a PPP Office (PPPO) under the Prime Minister’s Office tasked with advice and oversight. This raised the profile of PPPs within government. A PPP Unit was also set up in the Ministry of Finance, charged with assessing financial viability of projects and determining the levels of government support. Also to compensate for limited domestic sources, the government created the Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) in 1997 to bridge financing gaps for medium to long term infrastructure projects. Another government owned institution, the Infrastructure Investment Facilitation Company (IIFC), provides advisory services to help attract overseas and domestic finance into infrastructure development.

Public-sector capacity to implement PPPs has improved since 2010, and the PPPO’s pipeline has expanded to over 40 approved projects, only one has been awarded so far. So in order to develop expertise, the consultants, while ministries undertaking PPP projects are encouraged to establish PPP cells with a view to retaining knowledge. However, there is still some way to go in educating both public and private sector stakeholders on how to apply government guidance.

A new draft PPP law was approved by the cabinet in November 2014 and will be elevated to parliament for consideration in 2015. Building on the PPP Policy, it is intended to streamline the formulation and execution of PPP projects. It proposes improvements such as tiered dispute resolution mechanisms and the creation of a high level advisory council led by the prime minister.

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