In Albania, the experience with developing PPPs is still relatively new. The main legal act related to concession contracts is the Law on Concessions No. 9663, dated 18.12.2006, and amended in 2013 (law no.125/2013) with the revised language “Law on concessions and public private partnerships.” These acts constitute the legal framework for promoting the implementation of concession projects financed by the private sector. There is not a separate regulatory and procedural framework on procurement of PPPs; rather PPPs must follow the same general public procurement regulatory framework. Nearly all line ministries in Albania have cited this as a major constraint to their ability to implement and procure PPPs. This is one area that is recommended for changes and improvements to Albania’s PPP framework. Basically, there is not a clear strategic paper or document officially presenting the government policy on PPPs, the legal framework is what guides overall strategy but the current Government is very interested in fundamentally strengthening the PPP framework and its implementation.

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